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  • In terms of international cooperation :

    • He is responsible for seeking external resources for the financing of development programs, in connection with the Ministry in charge of finance, the Ministry in charge of foreign affairs and the sectoral ministries concerned.

    • He is responsible for monitoring the implementation of financing agreements and agreements relating to projects and programs.

    • He prepares and leads, in collaboration with the structures concerned, the programs of promotion of the private investments.

    • He promotes in consultation with the structures concerned the development of the private sector and productive investments generating jobs

    • He presents all requests for financing from other departments government in relation with the Ministers in charge of Foreign Affairs and Finance, to implement the policy on African integration.

    • He participates in joint commissions and negotiations of international agreements and treaties.

    • Subject to the prerogatives vested in other ministers, notably the Ministers in charge of Foreign Affairs and Finance, he represents the State in international meetings.

    • He participates in the representation of the State in the competent bodies of the African Union and NEPAD.