Economic new areas

Special Economic Zones are spaces for economic activities whose purpose is to offer a set of infrastructures and services that provide companies with the best conditions for carrying out their activities.

The governance framework of ZES
As specified in the 2017-06 Special Economic Zones (ZES) Act, the governance framework is composed of the following entities:

  • Ministry of Investment Promotion, responsible for strategic directions and implementation of ZES development policy;
    The joint public-private committee charged with the control, the regulation, the mediation and the conciliation between all the actors evolving in the ZES;
    The ZES Administrator in charge of the administration and management of Senegal's Special Economic Zones;
    Promoters / developers responsible for the promotion, development, development and operation of ZES;
    Companies of the ZESwhich are the economic entities having received an authorization delivered by the Administrator of the ZES to carry out any economic activity especially industrial.
The incentive scheme applicable in  ZES

Companies including promoters / developers of ZES can benefit from an incentive package that entitles them to tax and customs exemptions. As provided in Law No. 2017-07 of 06 January 2017 on the incentive scheme applicable in ZES and Decree No. 2017-1174 implementing Law No. 2017-07 of 06 January 2017, exempt companies will benefit in particular:

  • the duty of admission free of all duties and taxes levied at the customs cordon, excluding Community levies on raw materials, equipment and other goods and, as well as the duty free export outside the national territory of the same goods ;
  • an exemption from the payment of any income tax;
  • a tax rate of 15% on corporation tax;
  • the possibility of concluding fixed-term contracts for a period of five (05) years;
  • an exemption from the lump-sum contribution payable by the employer or any other tax based on the wages paid by the enterprises and borne by them;
  • an exemption from the flat rate minimum tax on companies.

  • Over a period of 25 years renewable


Investment opportunities in ZES

The ZES main vocations are the following sectors of activity:

information and communication technologies
the supply of medical services
Services Provided by the Administrator in ZES
The Administrator must ensure to each promoter / developer the availability of technical production factors including: road connectivity, water, electricity, sanitation & IT. In addition, the Administrator will ensure the establishment of a one-stop-shop / service center at each ZES for:

Single Window / ZES

registration of ZES companies
the preparation of statements relating to the activities of companies
the issue of different approvals, certificates and visas related to the activities of companies